My Picks for Best Exchange

As we delve further into the unknown future of Bitcoin– we must have trusted, safe places to buy, trade and store our coins. All too many exchanges have been hacked, or subject to greedy ownership, technical difficulties.. etc. The community has seen it all. Look for a post to come soon outlining the past exchanges, highlighting their triumphs as well as their downfalls and what caused the ultimate demise of the exchange.

Below you will find a current list of what we believe are the best places to “exchange” your coins. Each service has differing advantages and disadvantages as well as business outlines or services, which we will discuss in detail. You may or not be able to use some services based on where you live, laws or other complications or restrictions. Please be aware of your own local restrictions and find the best services for you!


Coinbase is known as the “Bank of Bitcoin”. They have Cold-storage Wallets where your coins are literally stored on paper offline and require days to access. For a long time, they were the only federally insured exchange, and may still be. They have always offered very competitive rates and very high security standards. That’s why Coinbase has remained a trusted leader in Crypto-storage. Only recently did they delve into the Exchange market, but they bring with them the same security and high standards that they have always had, as well as incorporating GDAX exchange.

Your first purchase $100+ Purchase with Coinbase while using this link will grant you $10 extra in BTC.

Cryptopia is known for housing a vast amount of lesser-known altcoins as well as having very fast and safe exchanging. While I would never recommend storing coins on exchange for long periods of time, I have never had a problem with Cryptopia. They also have a very vast amount of knowledge, a good forum, even a Lotto and Marketplace. They really step up the standards of what it is to offer crypto-services and not many can even come close. This is why Cryptopia will always remain one of my favorite places to trade.

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange is an exchange and cloud mining service that has been around for a while. They have always offered GH/s of bitcoin Mining hashrate at a fair price and kept a market for GH/s as well. They also have an exchange which allows the users to buy, sell and trade Cryptos. They are highly trusted and have been serving the community for a long time. I highly recommend

      1Broker is one of the best trading platforms in the world in my opinion. This service allows you to trade CFDs for top forex pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. They are trying to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and Stocks/Forex which is a much needed addition to the world of Bitcoin if we are going to ever go to the Moon! (500k+ / BTC)



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