The BEST Bitcoin & Crypto-Currency Gambling Services

Below you will find a list of all of the most popular, my favorite or otherwise highest rated Crypto-Gambling sites out there.

Clicking the picture will take you to each site.

NitrogenSports is a great place to play and has pioneered many things when it comes to gambling with your bitcoins. They have an amazing Sportsbook and even allow you to bet on eSports Matches! Want to bet on your favorite League, CS or DotA team? Well, you can. Starcraft 2 and WC3 are also included.

Nitrogen is also well known for their great Poker Freerolls. They run everyday and not many people play in them. They run often and are very fast paced! Free chips!

Another big plus is that you don’t even need an account — you can play completely anonymously! Some people prefer an account and that’s a possibility too. Their casino is also “Provably Fair” which means that you know there is no foulplay. You can set the randomizing key for which your next hand is dealt, so there is almost no way the house could be cheating.

Nitrogen creates a warm comforting environment for it’s users and has a global chat which allows all users to communicate with each other. The UI is very user-friendly and easy to look at also. Overall, this is one of my favorites.

     Bitsler constantly gets voted in the TOP 3 on BitcoinTalk and is a very good place to play with your coins. They have a lot of different games and are very unique compared to other online casinos.

Crypto-Games is a lesser known but also high ranking Bitcoin Casino! They have Dice, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko & Lotto. They have a very slick, responsive UI and a LOT of people play dice on Crypto-Games! You can watch other people’s bets roll off, and you also get to know there is no foulplay with “Provably Fair” games. I like Crypto-Games a lot and would recommend it highly to anyone looking for a less-confusing, straight-forward and responsive Casino.

One big advantage of Crypto-Games over other online casinos is that you can bet MANY different coins! You can play with BTC, DASH, DOGE, ETH, GRIDCOIN, LTC, PPC or Monero! You can also play with play money. Overall, Crypto-Games is definitely one of my favorites, and you might consider it the best.

PlayBitcoinGames is definitely a lesser known Casino, but in my opinion they are the best to look at. If you are looking for a Casino which is easy on the eyes, look no further! They have so many games it will make your head spin! All of them have slick, nice graphical user interfaces. You can almost feel like you are at an actual Casino! You can play table/card games, slots, random number games, jackpot, scratch and even skill games.

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