Instant Exchange

Welcome to the Instant Coin Exchange


The easiest/most effective way to be able to convert one Crypto-Currency into another!
Instantly (and with zero effort) convert any popular coin into another with the smallest fees possible!

We now allow you to convert over 70+ different popular Crypto-Currencies!

Please enjoy the benefits of using our service:

» Instant Conversion, get your coins immediately
» Convert nearly any popular coin, 70+ different coins
» Extremely low fees of (0.5%, lower than shapeshift)
» New Coins added all the time!

This converter/exchanger is designed to be as easy to use as possible. If you are unfamiliar, please read this how-to section.

Everything is done automatically with no human intervention. This is how such a low fee of 0.5% is achieved. You are paid immediately.

Please enjoy this tool! We work hard to bring you only the best!

How to use:

Calculate Page:
– Select which coin you would like to send in on the PAY WITH box
– Type in the amount of coins you are sending in on the PAY WITH box
– Select which coin you would like to receive back on the YOU GET box

The converter will automatically output the exact amount of coins you are to going receive. This is shown to you in the ‘YOU GET’ Box.

Press ‘EXCHANGE’ after you have selected the proper coins. You will then be moved to the next page.

Recipient Info Page:
This is the second page, where you type in the address you wish your coins to be sent to. Make sure this address is for the coin you selected to receive!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you include a valid address that you own. This is where the coins will be sent.

Press ‘PROCEED’ to be taken to the final page.

Payment Page:
You will be given an address to send your coins. A QR code is available for easy scanning. Once you send the correct amount of coins to the specified address, the status will automatically update. Your status will stay up to date until your coins are sent back to you in the new form.