Becoming a Bitcoin Boss – How to make $300-500 per day Trading Bitcoins

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I am offering a chance for serious Crypto-Enthusiasts to get involved and learn these secrets without having to break the bank. The knowledge contained in this book unleashes a world of limitless possibilities. You can go from $0 to making hundreds of dollars per day in very little time. The possibilities are truly endless as the strategies explained here can be utilized in a multitude of ways, potentially opening the floodgates to endless profits.

I will be offering this book for $89 only to the first 1000 — after which, the price will be raised to $250.

The more people that know a secret method, the less profitable it becomes for all. Remember that.

I am not motivated by greed, if I was, I would sell all copies of this Book for $250 or I would keep these secrets to myself. I believe knowledge belongs to the people.

This book allows the reader to learn the secrets of the game from someone who has jumped through the hoops and walked through all the doors. If you are truly looking to become a Bitcoin Millionaire, Why make the same mistakes everyone else does? Learn from the pros.

This will guide you through the real scenarios and the art of making money with Bitcoins; as well as some of the secret niches that were previously unknown to almost everyone.

These methods have been fine-tuned and cultivated for years, with no plan to tell anyone. I can assure, very few people figure this out on their own – and thus, there are very few people employing these strategies.

Not everyone is ready for this book, nor deserves to learn this information.

I would much prefer these secrets stay in the hands of dedicated Crypto-Enthusiasts or knowledgeable investors; namely people with a more clear vision of the possibilities and future of Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies in general. Those who lack dedication and true care for the cause; to those I say.. stray elsewhere. This book is not for you!

For people willing to put in the time and effort to learn and expand with these methods, the steps are clear and the rewards are plentiful.

Release date expected: Early September, 2017


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